Mutt-ossary (glossary/vocab)

A new vocabulary for our new world.

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BB: Before Barack (Also AB: after Barack…but not for a while.)

LBO Life before Obama.

MCLU (n) Mutt Civil Liberties Union *

Mutt-cellent (adj)

Mutt-cinating (adj)

Muttdom (n)

Muttered (v)

Mutterficial (adj)

Muttful (n)

Mutt-ifficult (adj)

Mutterific (adj)

Muttilicious (adj)

Mutti-racial (adj)

Mutt-nification (n)

Muttnificient (adj)

Muttitude (n)

Muttness (n)

Muttnormous (adj)

Mutt-orable (adj)

Muttorious (adj)

Muttpoints (n)

Mutt-raction (n) (e.g. Law of Mutt-raction)

Muttrageous (adj)

Mutt-shell (n)

Muttsy (adj)

Muttward (adj)

Mutty (adj)


abbr Mutts Civil Liberties Union

Founded 2009, from the trenches of America’s multiracial (mutts) civil liberties.

1. All those who take an active role in defending freedom for multiracial persons (mutts).

2. A guardian of freedom.

3. To defend individual liberties for all multiracial persons.

4. To guarantee everyone in the United States the same rights.

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2 Responses to Mutt-ossary (glossary/vocab)

  1. Lindaem says:

    MUTTutterings – Observations on this and that from the mind of a former MUTT. Written by a GenChan® – a humorous term for the genetically challenged dog. A former MUTT. Reba Messina is the first registered Pedigree/Medigree GenChan®. GenChan the first all encompassing “breed” for mutts and mixes!

  2. M.K.S. says:

    I Created MY Own -Lang. too LOL!!:):)

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