Obama: Just another Mutt

Welcome to the Mutt Movement! Join Mutts Like me on Facebook. Yep, you’re one, too. (Even if you don’t look it on the outside, and even if you don’t think you’re a Mutt…you are. Dig deeper. What unexpected contrasts and contradictions live inside you?

Many of us have claimed Mutts as one of our identities. That’s been behind closed doors… sort of locker room talk with other mutts…until November 8, 2008, when then President-elect Barack Obama, at his first press conference, announced his Mutt Club membership.

If you didn’t hear the global broadcast of our first multiracial President, you can read it here and watch it here

2 Responses to Obama: Just another Mutt

  1. deborah says:

    Thanks, Beth, for appreciating the Mutt movement. I’m glad your worries have eased about this! Welcome, with your own Muttsome self.

  2. Beth says:

    As a long time adoption worker, I cringed a little when I heard President-elect Obama utter the ‘mutt like me’ statement. However, now that I’ve visited your website several times, and read many of the posts here, I realize that I was unnecessarily worried. MUTTS can be the best! It’s all in the way we (all) see ourselves. Thanks for bringing ‘the Muttness’ out of the closet!

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