The professional bio: Deborah Jiang Stein is a writer and public speaker from the melting pot trenches of multiracial America. Born in a federal prison, heroin-exposed, she now leverages her unique background to reach others with her message of resilience and possibility.

She advocates for personal transformation, and believes in the power of every person’s story.

Her book projects in-progress include a short story collection, and a memoir.

Another version About Me, from me: I’m not outside the box, because there never was a box for me. And there’s little need for me to step beyond my comfort zone — I never had one, so my baseline gives me lots of room to stretch. (I highly recommend doing something that makes you a little nervous.)

And…I love to roller skate. Roller Derby, here I come.

From the trenches of multiracial America

Active as a keynote speaker with themes that touch audiences with the power of hope and possibility in every person’s story.

About hundred yard dash: when people asked me my race when I was a girl, I’d say, “100-yard dash.”

I got tired of the Other box.

What am I? A Multiracial Mutt from the sovereignty of Muttdom.

  • One of seven million multiracial people in the United States. My ingredients, the ones I know, include: Asian, Greek, Latina, plus a secret hidden document suggesting the “one drop of blood” rule, and who knows what else.
  • One of five million Jews (plus a JewBu) and am fascinated by other traditions. Have to explore all our identities – it’s all part of Mutthood.)
  • One of 3+ billion females in the world (the U.S. has around 4.8 million more females than males; no wonder it’s hard to find a good man.)
  • One of millions of entrepreneurs.
  • One of who-knows-how-many billions of mothers in the world.

That’s the every-day part of my Muttness. Here’s where it goes off the charts, all on file with the federal government. Hang on. I’m also:

  • One of some: babies born in prison.
  • One of some: born heroin-addicted
  • One of millions from the foster care system
  • One of millions of adoptees
  • One of many former drug addicts, and … well, there’s even more.

But I’m the mother of little kids, so I’ll save the rest for another time. My girls have enough to absorb about their mutty mother without adding any more. It’s got to be challenging having a mutt for a mother!

And no, this is not from some Jerry Springer show. It’s all of the above that enables me to coat a little humor and spiritual wellness over even the most somber of subjects.

3 Responses to About

  1. e2 says:

    Shal-om Deborah,

    Do you identify specifically as a Chinese BuJew? “Cause I know of a Japanese BuJew by the name of Danny Katz, a Synth-Pop musician. Plus, there are HinJews making an impact.

    Looking forward to familiarizing myself more with your background story and work. I happen to identify with the burgeoning J.O.C. [Jews of Color] movement Stateside, besides having worked with Gifted Youth in a previous incarnation. I suppose I’m a BabJew, short for Babaylan-Hudyo.

    I’ve gone ahead and listed your links on various sites. “Wild Mind” is befitting for this generation.

  2. muttslikeme says:

    Hello, Art, thank you for writing, and for reading my blog.

    I’m fascinated with quantitative genetics, and love what I learned from you here. Hybrid vigor, that could be a new tag line for me. I’m going to share this with my audiences, especially since I share how as a child I felt “less than” because of my unlikely blends.

    Your reference to peace in the world moves me. Thank you.

    You’ve made by day, Art, with your note here, some pieces I’ll never forget.

    Much gratitude,

  3. Arturo Cantante says:


    I’m an old guy whose college major was quantitative genetics. There’s a positive genetic phenomenon known as hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor is the superior genotypic and phenotypic expression of genes due to the crossbreeding of parental stock from different genotypes. I think that you may be the result of such a superlative admixture. Unfortunately, there are not enough people from such an occurrence. Once the people of the world, if it lasts that long, reach the phenotypic expression that is like yours, there may be peace among the populations.

    The world’s problems are due to bad genetic practices, mainly inbreeding. It is the cause of the attitudes of “I’m better than you because I believe in the right things, and you better believe that way too.”

    Thanks for enlightening me and making my day with your story.

    Art, IBM (Italian By Marriage, but not by ancestry)

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