Mutt Meditation #18: Enough! Something has GOT to change

Why not take a deep breath, and reset what doesn’t work in life?

Change is an adventure. I’ve re-invented myself a number of times. It’s fun actually, not only in the end, but also along the away even when it’s agitating. I keep what works, and shed the rest. (I have no idea where it goes, but it goes.)

So take several deep breaths. Make sure your footing is firm, and get ready to press, or bang, your reset button.

I’ve created a flow chart for my “Enough” moments, that Something has GOT to change notion that hits me when the time is right.  Does that happen for you?

About Deborah Jiang Stein
Speaker and writer. I'm an advocate for personal transformation, and tour prisons across the country as a speaker as well as keynote in conferences and other events. Memoir in the works, along with a story collection.

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